Friday, November 13, 2009

As I walk in the silence of the crisp morning air

As I walk in the silence of the crisp morning air, I hear the sounds around me that keep me thinking about things. I hear the crow’s squawking in the tree tops and reflect back on my childhood swinging on the porch with my grandfather back in Mississippi. I can still hear those crows, along with the whip wills and Bob Whites as we swung silently in the crisp morning.
I can sometimes hear my mom’s voice as she encourages me to walk and is still my inspiration, knowing how she loved to walk. I think about how she walked eight to ten miles a day and wondered if she was scared walking all alone?
I can hear the loggers threw the woods and the cracking of the trees as they clear a neighbors land and I think about where will the deer hide and where will the bird in the nest escape to?
I hear the helicopter above me as I see it fly over every morning about the same time and I think why does it do that every day? Is it a rich neighbor flying to work, or is it someone spying on me? Or is it someone taking homestead photos, or just someone who loves to fly every morning instead of walk?
I hear the laughter of children as they wait for the school bus so early in the morning hours and I think about all those years my own daughters waited in the cold winds for the bus to pick them up. I think about what all the things I would have done different back then and what kind of mother I was? I think about my only grandchild and the things she will face in her life time. Will she remember how much love her Nana and Papa had for her?
I hear the sound of the cars and trucks as they rush by me, coming and going like ants, and I think why are they in such a hurry as I hope they won’t swerve off the road and run over me, and just where are they going anyways?
I hear the dogs barking. Some in the distance, some in the yards of the homes I walk past, and I think about the leach laws and the iron stick I carry to protect myself from them. And I wonder what I would do if they do bite me? Would I have time to hit them or call 911 from the cell phone in my pocket?
I hear the rustling of the leaves in the trees and bushes that I pass along a deserted section of my walk and I think who or what is there and then ask myself why did I watch the show,” Last house on the Left ”?
I hear the silence of the soft, still voice of God, as he walks and talks with me and I think about how unworthy I am and ask why me?
I hear my mind going over the posts that my NM friends had wrote about this week and I wonder where Andy will travel to, if Kel is finally getting some sleep, if KayrnD got blown away, if fitness18 found out carrots won’t make you fat, if munkstir is still singing, or if 1greytmom is still doing the Zumba ? I wonder if METHOMAS2009 is finding peace, if Margie_newman is still having a food fight, or if SylviaAnn will tell us another story about her mom. I wonder if Mike will have computer problems to fix, if Jim tells me to eat my veggies today, if David will have another Bah Humbug holiday this year, if Lynn_Matava ever finished unpacking, or if all the other posts know how much I love reading and learning from them.
I hear my own voice in my mind asking what’s for breakfast when I’m finished walking and wonder if it’s something healthy for me to log ? Why couldn’t I have eaten healthier, made better choices, took long walks like this or have found NutriMirror years ago?
I hear the silence of my new life as I walk in the crisp morning air!

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